What do you mean by AI-driven software development?

Several businesses are taking the advantage of digitalization but there are still many organizations that are struggling with day-to-day manual, repetitive tasks. Instead of following the old practices, they need to look out for inventive and progressive processes that help their businesses to grow. Hence, they need to adopt emerging technology such as Artificial Intelligence to make their operations and processes smarter, more efficient, and more automated. AI solutions can optimize tasks by leveraging data and optimizing it. Hence, AI saves time and money by leveraging data to make machines simulate human behavior and automate it.

Similarly, AI can be utilized in the software development process for business success. Incorporating AI solutions and techniques in software development can help IT businesses implement accurate and intelligent software applications. It will lead to greater efficiency and reduced human intervention. AI can turn out to be the key area in software development. In this blog, we will discuss and explore different ways in which incorporating artificial intelligence solutions or hiring an artificial intelligence software development company to run the software development process can be advantageous.


Use of AI Techniques in Software Development Process

There are multiple software development technologies that have their unique way of developing software applications. Initially, AI in software development started with the waterfall model and then progressed to an interactive way of designing. Now, agile has completely taken control of the process. There are several methodologies for software development that involves the core stages such as requirement gathering, design, development, and testing.

Let’s know each stage deeply and thoroughly


It’s the core stage of software development that consider the first step in the process. It’s all about understanding and defining the kind of services required via the application and identifying the constraints on these services. This stage assures the prospective users that the application or software will meet their expectations and deliver the best results.

Also, requirement gathering is the conceptual stage that requires maximum human intervention as there are a lot of back-to-forth tasks, that need to be achieved to meet design expectations. Most of these are manual tasks that can be automated and accelerated using artificial techniques. For instance, the AI technique of language processing can be used to make the machine understand the user’s expectations and requirements.

The latest example you can think about is Chatbots and Virtual Assistants. These technologies are used to interact with customers, in the beginning, to gain necessary information before connecting with the human customer care executive. This approach has really helped customer care companies to offer a more engaging and personalized experience to their customers while eliminating the hassle of human interference at every point in time.


It’s the most important code stage in software development. To accomplices user requirements and expectations, its necessary to focus on design. At every stage, providing an accurate design is challenging and even complex for designers, since deciding the accurate plan for each stage can be exhausting and lead to errors. 

Incorporating AI solutions and techniques during the design stage can help designers and developers to simplify their jobs while delivering the exact design expectations. The use of AI-focused designs can help designers accelerate the designing process with minimum rework. For instance, design tools can create multiple options by understanding the requirements and reducing design creation time.


It’s the key stage in the software development process in which the implementation of the user’s requirement happens. It takes the longest duration in software development where developers devise and write intelligent programs to drive the software. This stage is pretty tedious, time-consuming, and of course, labor-intensive.

To overcome these issues, developers have tried various early development solutions like starting the work before the previous two stages in order to get completed it on time. But such ways never work. Another approach they followed is keeping commonly used modules handy for users to accelerate work. 

At this stage, research is already in progress to automate the coding using natural language processing. Hence, instead of following old practices, using AI and machine learning can understand requirement gatherings and convert them to relevant code.


It’s the final stage in the software development process where all the requirements are tested and validated with developed software. It’s an important stage and can only be executed with the help of the testing team as they are responsible for delivering the software to the client for usage with 100% accuracy.

Hence, they are obliged to retest the application every time when any change is requested. Though it can be a repetitive and time-consuming process each time when there is a change in the underlying code. 

However, while using automated technologies such as AI, it’s possible to reduce the repetitive testing time while allowing testers to improve testing capabilities. For instance, AI-driven tools help collect data during each stage of the test and can be used for multiple testing scenarios to get the best quality testing in a short time. There are several custom software development companies in the USA that offer AI services that can be used for the automated testing process.


Adopting Artificial Intelligence in different stages of software development can improve and accelerate the work along with generating quality software applications. With rapid changes in technology and user expectations, several AI techniques are developed to cater to these, and IT enterprises need to understand the benefits of adopting these technologies in their software development process. To understand the working of AI better, they can hire an Artificial Intelligence software development company such as Digital Growth US that caters to business needs and provide the right solutions for software development accordingly.



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