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In today’s digital life where everyone spends several hours over smartphone, computer or laptop, the software is needed everywhere. It is rapidly converting into an important organ for all our daily routines and lifestyle features.

There is no doubt in claiming that technology is the real form of revolution today and as it is consistently accelerating, humans are getting more and more dependent on it. The software has also become the best way to strategize the marketing of products. Manufacturers and other business giants are also going ahead with the upper hand of technological advancement to gain momentum and take a lead over their competitors. Choosing a trusted and reputed software development company becomes extremely important while you are going to introduce your new brand to the market. A perfectly designed and developed software with ease to access and smooth in the process always remain on the priority list of customers.

Do you ever think how precise and complicated would be its development? Well, rather than complicated it’s an intelligent process that involves various steps and the term by which it is popular across the globe is known as software development life cycle. The entire process involves strategies, planning and different other software development process steps to create the perfect software for clients. Let’s have a close look at the 5 major steps of software development.

Requirements Gathering/Analysis

A make any project succeed, it is important to analyze the details and to understand what the client or business is expecting to do. Reaching the final outcome by getting the customer’s point of view always offers great results.


Technical designs include risks of threats or vulnerabilities and hence, this particular portion should be ready by the head of the technical department or development head.


Another major step in software development is coding and unit testing and hence, the development team focuses deeply to make certain adjustments. This is the longest phase of SDLC and therefore, flexibility is important to run the process smoothly.

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To ensure that the application is safe from threats and won’t be susceptible to hacking, manual testing is the next step to follow so that no security breach should occur.


To provide the client with the best quality and cost-efficient product, developers use waterfall and agile during the process of implementation and deployment. Deployment can vary accordingly to the project extent and it begins when all members have signed off.

The industry of software development is based on thoughts and actions with powerful analysis and a lot of creativity. IT companies having deep knowledge, years of experience have the vision and idea to hire the best software developer in their team of experts to serve the client in a better way.



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