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Recent Trends in Custom Web Development Services in the US

Custom Web Development Company in USA

Building a website is the most significant step for taking your business to the digital world. But, it does not mean you can create any generic design for your website. According to Forbes, there are more than 1.10 million sites worldwide. So, how will you differentiate your website? Some business owners use pre-designed templates to create a site on their own. However, it does not bring uniqueness to the design. This is where you must work with a custom web development company USA.

A custom-designed website has unique features, represents your brand, and ensures better SEO. Professional designers are always aware of the latest trends in the web development world. So, let us list the custom web development trends upcoming in the next few years.

1.Single Page Application

Creating a Single Page Application or SPA is one of the latest trends among web developers. Facebook, Google Drive, Gmail, Twitter, and Google Maps are some examples of SPAs. The reasons behind the popularity are high speed, good user experience, and no page refresh. 

In the case of SPAs, the URL changes, although the server loads no new webpage. Thus, an SPA is a web application that interacts with a browser and rewrites the current page with new data from the browser.

Using JavaScript, developers create a flawless single-page web application. One of the unique features is that SPAs have no separate back end and front end. When you open the site, it loads only a single HTML page. 

You can hire developers to build SPA if your application needs a multifaceted UI and rich functionalities. You should also connect with an affordable SEO company in the USA to make your SPA reachable to your potential customers.

2. Chatbots

Chatbot use is on the rise in the web development world. B2C companies want to integrate chatbots into their sites to interact with visitors.

Bots work as micro-applications and provide a conversational interface. For instance, Lyft, a transportation company, has used a chatbot to allow its customers to order rides.

Web designers and brands rely on bots for sales, marketing, and better customer service. By identifying the customer intent, the bot responds to different queries. Modern AI-based bots provide a human-like experience and track consumer behavior analytics. 

3.Artificial Intelligence

The best custom web development company USA uses AI technology in various ways. Experienced programmers use it for writing codes. Besides, Artificial Design Intelligence is another option for creating a highly functional and user-friendly website. Users need to answer a few questions to let ADI design a website.

Trained with particular datasets, AI bots can find solutions to different problems. Moreover, the AI algorithm helps automate the frontend or backend development process.

Moreover, AI technology saves web developers from the monotonous task of creating a website layout. 

Website development is a time-consuming project, as the developer needs to test the code quality and usability. But, today, many web development experts use AI to simplify the process of testing websites and applications.

AI bots use historical data to test software and websites. They analyze the code pattern to identify faults. So, web developers can save time and focus more on the design to improve user experience.

4.Voice Search

Voice search has become a trending technology with the advent of AI. Global organizations like Amazon and Google have already embraced Machine Learning and voice search technologies. A reliable and affordable SEO company in USA knows the importance of voice search for organic ranking.

Similarly, web developers collaborate with SEO professionals to make a website compatible with voice searches. In most cases, consumers use mobiles to conduct voice searches. Needless to say, your website must be mobile-friendly to allow voice searches. Besides, web developers ensure that the site never blocks CSS or JavaScript. They also remove outdated information and duplicate pages. Voice applications have gained high popularity due to various reasons-

  • Most modern devices are available with voice search features. 
  • People of any language can use it.
  • Best for those who have a reading disability

So, your web developers will focus on the voice search trend to design a website.

5. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Page or AMP is a holistic way to deliver content for mobiles. Due to the recent mobile-first mindset, developers have accepted the trend for web development projects. AMP helps you create a relevant, clean, and streamlined version of websites. That is why users will get a faster and better experience while using mobile-optimized websites.

With an AMP JS library, web developers can render HTML pages faster. They also implement font triggering and inline CSS for the best performance. Other AMP elements include AMP HTML and AMP CND.

Accelerated Mobile Pages are advantageous in some other ways-

  • Higher mobile ranking- Due to the faster page loading speed, the mobile ranking will be higher.
  • Improved server performance- AMP is the best option for websites that receive a high amount of mobile traffic.

6. Server less Architecture

Server less architecture involves using cloud environments. Although there is a server, the website owner does not own it. The server less functionality works when there is a trigger event. A server less platform deals with several rules and algorithms, make calculations and show the result. This architecture is highly essential when you have to optimize the development time and resource cost.

The server less approach represents two types of architecture.

  • Functionality-as-a-service: FaaS involves a third-party platform to develop, run, and manage functionality.
  • Backend-as-a-service: It refers to applications that have a significant part of the server side of the cloud.

The best fact is that you can avoid upgrading your servers to manage the increasing data loads. Your cloud service provider will manage these issues.

The global market of server less architecture reaches almost $21.1 billion after a few years. So, it indicates the popularity of server less technology in the coming years. 

7. Dark Mode

Many app and website users prefer using Dark Mode while browsing something on their devices. It prevents their eyes from feeling strained. The latest iOS and Android versions are available with Dark and Light Modes. So, apps and websites also should have these modes for the convenience of users. 

The dark color scheme is aesthetic and conveys elegance to users. This dominant tone also creates a perfect color contrast when combined with white shades. Thus, you can ask your web designers and developers to use dark hues strategically for the website’s background.

Another important benefit of using Dark Mode is that it saves the battery life of a device. White pixels consume more power, while dark pixels enable the mobile to use minimal energy.

But, it is better to keep the Dark Mode reserved only for the Home Page of your site. This Mode is not suitable for your product page.

8. AR/VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are highly popular technologies in the web development world. A website designed with AR-VR can boost conversation, as it has more interactive and immersive content. They act as the smart tool and enable customers to select the best products. Besides, there is a trend of developing a virtual showroom to save buyer’s time.

When appropriately used, AR-VR provides several benefits to website users. The technology lets you give the most delightful experience to your target audience. Your consumers can explore your products virtually.

A few years ago, AR-VR technology was common for mobile apps and games only. However, today, many web designers and developers have started using the technologies.

9. Motion UI

Motion design principles are highly important for UI elements to maintain usability. If a motion is added to the UX design, it ensures better visual communication. So, you will find better design communication and higher product engagement.

Web developers can choose a number of motion elements on the screen. A properly designed UI maintains a sequence or transition by combining text, audio, and video. The SaaS library, Motion UI, helps with the development of custom animations and CSS transitions.

A UI with motion design increases your website’s usability in various ways. For instance, it lets users identify the connection between various items on a site. Furthermore, transitions allow users to relate to the data while shifting to different features.

Animation develops the tone for your brand’s identity. At the same time, it boosts the personality of your brand. Many web designers try to reveal emotions with animations.

They can also make the logos animated for a successful branding campaign. This innovative technique enables them to attract the user’s attention and boost brand awareness. So, you can hire designers who can make a site interactive and add motion to the interface.


It is challenging to chase the ever-evolving web development trends. However, a custom web development company USA always looks out for the trends to provide the best experience. From server less architecture to standardized Dark Mode, web development trends are of different types. However, the main aim is to attract more users to your website and app. Web developers provide the best custom solution using ML, AI, and other technologies.



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