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How to Pick the Best Software Development Process?

software development process

Software is a part of everything we do today. You can hardly think of anything which is not related to the computer-related process in everyday life and hence, organizations are consistently choosing software-driven innovations and technologies. Looking for a software development company? Here is a guide to help you to know more about the software development process.

Software is an important part of every business activity whether it is about tracking data, inventory, security essentials, managing various relations, accounts or presenting business models. The significance of a properly maintained and user-friendly development process results in excessive and repetitive sales of a particular brand. The faulty or loopy process may compromise sales, users’ interaction, significant delays etc.

What is Software Development?

In simple terms, Software development is a process of building software or application through which businesses can promote their brand or cater for the needs of their consumers. By choosing a good custom software development company USA any organization can improve the business process surely in terms of revenue and brand value. In other words, fixing the bugs while maintaining or creating applications, frameworks or other software programs can be considered as software development. These bugs can be fixed through conceiving, specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing etc.

Software development can be categorized into 10 major types according to what type of design needs to accomplish and for what type of device needs to be compatible with it.

  1. 1. Application Development

Application development is usually a set of computer programs developed as standard applications that perform different functions on operating systems and allow users, businesses to run various functionalities.

Languages/Technologies: Java, C/C++, C#, Python etc.

  • 2. Web Development

Through this type of software development, thousands of web pages can be interconnected and any business can utilize the entire website to boost revenue or to promote its brand. This process can range from a single static page to complex web applications.

Languages/Technologies: HTML, Javascript, PHP, Python, Ruby and Rails, ASP.NET, Django, C/C++ etc.

  • 3. Mobile Development

The App Development method offers the user to create an application that is compatible with mobile devices like Android, iOS etc.

Languages/Technologies: Android, Swift, Objective C, HTML5, Java, C#, Javascript etc.

  • 4. Data Science

This software development is usually applied to machines which enable them to make decisions with own. Data scientists generate data in large quantities and ensure that it is entered in the correct form to be used in AI applications.

Languages/Applications: MATLAB, Python, C/C++ etc.

  • 5. Software Tools Development

Through this process, software tools are designed and developed to maintain the industry standards. These developed tools are made for other software developers so that they can perform tests and codes while developing various applications, software, websites etc.

Languages/Technologies: Java, Python, C/C++ etc.

  • 6. API Development

This Application Programming Interface is commonly used to link different operating systems. For different platforms or devices, specific APIs have been written having specific programming languages.

  • 7. Embedded Systems Development

This is a specialized software program made for operating or other systems on which various types of devices run. It is required to deal with coding skills needed for embedded systems like Arduinos and Raspberry Pi.

Languages/Technologies: Embedded C, Assembler, Python, Arduino and Java.

  • 8. Security Software Development

These are security tools in the form of programs and are basically required to keep businesses or organizations secure from theft, viruses and malicious attacks. Prepared with combined efforts of White hat hackers and cybersecurity experts, these security tools ensure companies from various types of online risks and dangers.

  • 9. Cloud Computing

Offering plenty of advantages including scalability, cloud computing is basically a designed application that run over the cloud. These are computing programs and can be accessed through an internet connection using appropriate login processes.

  • 10. DevOps Engineering

The widely adopted Agile style of software development is a set of practices and it focuses on the quick, efficient and customer-centric delivery of software. 

Now, coming to the entire process’ context, the term, software development process or ‘life cycle’ is the coding part of the entire process in which developers write code to develop a software or program. The whole procedure involves numerous tricky and complex steps through which a developer or a team of professional experts/developers find solutions of the highest possible quality, best design, best user-friendly interface, lowest possible cost and finish it in the shortest timeframe or deadline.

Every software development project differs according to unique engagements, requirements and there can’t be a simple formula that can be applied and will work efficiently in every scenario. Hence, it is important to realize the factors that can affect business software development costs. Here we are discussing 3 major components that have the biggest effect on any software development project’s cost or timeline.

  • Type of the Project

Software development engagements require different types of efforts and it depends more on the type of development required in the project. New software involves custom development, software integration process require custom code and plugins to different packages. If some type of modification is required few adjustments and enhancements can be done in the existing software. Finally, if a complete web-based software development is required, the entire design and software would be customized.

  • Size of the Project

Determining the size of a project defines the efforts required in the completion. Depending on the complexity and the requirements, a project may be small which usually involves minor changes, fixing some bugs etc.

While dealing with a web interface or a small mobile application, developers need to interact with a single source of data. These medium-sized engagements might require a few design sessions, check-ins and a few sign-offs. 

Some large engagements require deep research as complex integrations and frameworks are required to take into consideration to maintain scalability. Moreover, critical business applications require a higher level of management and hence, enterprise-level projects are required to paramount data integrity and security to such high-level projects.

  • The Team Size 

According to both type and size, every project requires different roles to complete it within the given timeframe. Some essential roles are a project manager, a developer and a QA tester. 

Finally, a straightforward way or estimate to get the approximate project cost would be:

Project Resource Cost x Project Time = Project Cost

Hiring an augmented team is important if you don’t want to lose time and money and hence, finding the right software partner or the best software development company in USA can be proved as a great indicator of the value of your collaboration. Although there are thousands of software development companies in the USA you need to be careful while choosing the right one to get the best experience. Please consider some useful tips to choose the right partner for your custom software project.

  • Get referrals from other people or folks in your network. This will provide you with honest feedback about different companies.
  • Discuss coding and express the quality of the application or design you are looking for. 
  • By checking the portfolio of a web development company, you can get an idea about how familiar is that particular company in handling complex methodologies.
  • Understanding different types of software systems can help you to decide the technology which will work appropriately on your requirements and can match your expectations.
  • By setting the deadline and timeframe in the initial negotiation frame can provide you and your team to test the prepared software and report for bugs if there are any.
  • By choosing a team of software developers with communication skills you will get regular updates and can ensure that the software development process is leading in the right direction by getting the correct initiatives and methodologies installed properly.
  • The developed application should be owned by the company that paid for it and hence, it should be clarified in the negotiation stage to avoid further conflicts in your project and to get your competitors away from the application to misuse any important information.
  • By ensuring security and safety issues with the software development company, you can choose the right partner to utilize a safe and secure application.

Our initiative here in this software development guide is to penetrate all the significant aspects of our life in this digital age. All types of enterprises require a bigger marketplace and vision to get the business process nourished. Software development is also an easy formula to achieve the highest growth rate by getting visible to the larger extent of the target audience. The fastest-growing tech industry has remarkably faced the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic and is likely to overgrow with skyrocketing pace in the coming years.

Numerous stats and reports are also indicating that the global figures of this tech enterprise will touch the 550 bn USD mark by the end of this year. Standard software development companies use all the necessary phases and steps including project planning, requirement gathering, coding, testing, deployment etc. to install the best models and methodologies and hence, clients can experience smooth functioning through their tested applications/software. 

In the challenging conditions, Digital Growth US understands market demands and is a known service provider in the sphere of Cloud Computing, Enterprise Applications, Mobile Applications and IoT. The company exactly knows the entire process and value of SDLC and how to implement the major software development process steps. Digital Growth US finds effective solutions for the challenges faced by enterprises by building robust software and upgraded technologies. We hope that you will now judge a good software development partner by putting certain things in perspective.



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